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Courage comes from the root COR, the latin word for 'heart'. To follow your heart is to live bravely. Women have always known that. When they have children, lead projects, take care of the house, of themselves, of their career. What drives them? Courage, almost an instinct which knows the time to set fear aside and walk unknown paths.

'La Berthe' is the brand for these women who follow their hearts. Who believe in themselves. Who know that recognition is an achievement. Who fulfill their desires. Who don't let the feeling of guilt - oh, women's eternal villain! – stop them from doing what is right or taking care of themselves. Who dare to believe in their intuition. Who prefer the discomfort of following their own style to the peace of living as a copy.

La Berthe is made for these women. Full of life and COR. Courageous.


Born in January 14th, 1841, in Bourges, France, Berthe Morisot was a woman ahead of her time. Since she was young, she wanted to become an artist. However well bred, though, in that time women were not authorized to participate in official institutes of arts, thus being restricted to domestic life.

Berthe Morisot took a stance against conventionalism and fought for her career and family. She studied with great masters. Was the first woman to join the group of the French Impressionists. She made her home a stronghold for artists and intellectuals, such as Degas, Monet and Renoir. She was admired and respected as an artist as well as a person, being considered a great lady in society. She painted throughout her whole life and left her name in history. She was only beat by the disease that caught her, aged 54, while she was trying to save her daughter's life.

A woman moved by courage. A woman who inspires our lives.

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